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Nov 20, 2012 6:30pm PST
chair believes game including beirut- munich. -- bayern - munich. >> and one player is getting a lot of attention. >> they paid 40 million euro for him, the most in the history of the league. they now expect him to perform. he knows it will be a tough match. >> i know valencias going to be on the attack. the fans are here right behind your team. it's not going to be easy -- that's for sure. >> valencia also has a player with a good feel for his opponents. bell does has played for dortmund and he knows german football inside out. >> bayern munich has gone through tough a phase. they're released from this season and. but you can dance in champions league. they are well ahead in bundesleague as well. >> tonight's winner will have the best chance of reasoning -- -- the final 16 in the champions league. >> the m23 rebel group in the democratic republic of congo has advanced into the city of goma. >> the u.s. has polled the rest of the staff from the city saved they control the airport in the city and peacekeepers would remain to protect civilians. >> u.s. troops on th
Nov 29, 2012 6:30pm PST
for sports news now. bayern munich has the title of league champions for the 18th time. >> no one could catch them before they went to winter break. >> now they are gearing up for a much tougher opponent. >> it was not picture-perfect, but it got the job done. this was the decisive moment. that meant a penalty kick in the 11th minute. a short time later, the defender drew a much deserved red card for pulling another player to the ground. it appeared the match was over, but the team pulled together and went on a 10-man attack. but they put the final nail in the coffin 10 minutes before time. a long pass made it 2-0. bayern are certain to be top when the bundesliga heads into its winter break. >> first, along and precise pass, then the fire of a 48- meter volley. that will go down as one of the season's more unforgettable goals. just before halftime, the match when to rest. not nearly as pretty, but it counts just the same period ok, let's look now at how this affects the standings with three more matches scheduled before the winter break. it claimed an invincible lead. >> in the bo
Nov 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
pieces after sandy, barack obama hits the campaign trail again. >> bayern-munich rocked to victory. >> the chris parliament has made it clear the budget for the european union must be reduced. >> members of parliament delivered an embarrassing defeat to prime minister david cameron late on wednesday in what the press there is calling kamins fright night. >> cameron has been calling for an eu budget freeze, but members of his own conservative party revolted, demanding brussels trim its spending. >> we have more now on the vote and the fallout beginning in london. >> when the vote was read out, it was a stunning defeat for the government. the opposition labor party is rubbing its hands in glee. 53 of david cameron is -- cameron's own party refused to toe the line, pushing through the amendment. kamen wants to freeze the eu budget over the next seven years, but these skeptics say a freeze does not go far enough. they want to see cuts in real terms. opposition labour is supporting the call. while wednesday's parliamentary vote to cut your spending is not binding, it is a significant ch
Nov 1, 2012 6:30pm PDT
pieces after sandy, barack obama hits the campaign trail again. >> bayern-munich rocked to ctor >> t p must be reduced. is calling kamins fright night. >> dge,be conservative party revolted, demanding >> when the voteasthe oositiola. men'ow par rus to tothet sen year b tse sptspoti louisuprtg sndg n bindg, iisignifint ireentyriinte anitle, mbetuethus seimt-sovnmt c silehaed tn e de y gi oseesrepaga sewtsote amg roanruh smmi lpeina b ac. hudaren's im mi w -shtrweren os ctait leaders in different countries. atsorl r lics himi. also had iran received 8biio eus 20 tstilets nkgysmro the e you. dublin would like ton roantali mhasm nd t conliteince meelffedrae,uthe ga no concrete promises. la ianutanng amefow europe can emerge from thisha wh i wt tot. >> at o01 iranil aumhe you's rotating psinc -- the's rotating presidency. >> let'chk iitou potical crespondentwho is covering t sry oheudt g--rer in europe. what can wxpt has berlinxpting to happen at these bgetas lerhi moh? haelrerl s already said she is confident that a mpmi wleou. she' traveling to london next week to dcuheatr wh vicar
Nov 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
, there was a full slate of champions league group stage games tuesday night. in group f, bayern munich split the points with valencia, meaning they are through to the knockout states. >> in group, barcelona was victorious. >> chelsea's defeat has led the team put the chances of regression hanging by a thread. >> no wonder then that the club has set its coach. he only took over the team back in march and led it to the champions league last season, but in a statement on its website today, chesley said recent performances and results were simply not good enough -- chelsea said recent performances and results were simply not good enough. i'm only a win will do. a draw would leave them having to leave their last match to get through. >> the squat look relaxed as they prepare for their match. they know that when will put them into the knockout stage. it is a home match for us, and we hope we can get the job done with the support of our fans. >> they have already been on the losing end this champions league season, but this time, the greek coach likes his sides chances -- his side's ch
Nov 14, 2012 6:30pm PST
could get personal tonight. the former manager of bayern- munich visit team with his former players. we will see how they play in front of him. captioned by the national captioning institute
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)